Click here to find a pet-friendly Gatlinburg Cabin!Reservations Most cabin rental companies insist on being notified when reservations are made that a dog will be a guest in your vacation rental cabin, chalet or condo.

Size Most vacation rentals only allow pets up to 30 pounds –up to two per vacation rental.

Bathing & Fleas Please be considerate of the next guest that will be enjoying the home after you by making sure that bathing and flea dipping are done prior to your stay.

Crating Your Pet Please do NOT leave your pet at your cabin, condo, or chalet alone unless the pet is kept in a kennel or carrier.

Click Here to find Pet-Friendly Fun Activities!Leash Laws Please make sure your dog is leashed when out of the home since the City of Gatlinburg does have a leash law.

Pet Fees and Deposits A Pet Fee is usually at least $100.00 per 30 lb. dog, per stay. $50 of the $100.00 fee is often refundable (3 days after your departure) if there are no damages or excessive cleaning necessary. If your dog has long hair or sheds excessively, or leave behind any surprises (like fleas or damages to property) the $50.00 additional fee would apply and NOT be refunded.

Refunds In the event that any guest is found violating the rules, you will be evicted immediately with NO refunds.

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