Stay in a Pet-Friendly Gatlinburg Cabin!When you adopt a dog from any Humane Society there are many responsibilities and lifestyle adjustments to consider. Make sure you ask for a reference packet from your Humane Society.  Here are a few other considerations when you adopt a new dog.

Vaccinations – All dogs require a veterinary exam, a series of vaccinations and regular grooming. While most Humane Society locations give them their Parvo Distemper (DHLPP) vaccination, Bordatella (INB – kennel cough) and worming, puppies may require additional vaccinations and all dogs will need their Rabies vaccination.

Check out the Gatlinburg cabin discounts!Leash – Your home and yard should provide proper confinement and reasonable space for the size of your dog. When outside, your new dog or puppy should always be on a leash.  Check with your Humane Society for suggestions on the proper leash.

Close Supervision – New house pets should be closely supervised when with other pets and children while they become familiar with their new home.

Food – Make sure to ask what kind of food your new pet has been eating.  Your Humane Society wouldn’t use it if they didn’t recommend it. And, of course, your vet can also provide specific diet recommendations for your dog.

Housebreaking your new pooch should be done with encouraging words. They should be taken outside after meals and right before and after sleeping. Crate training is an effective training method. There is lots of useful training information on the Web and specifically Crate training.

All dogs need exercise, so allow your dog to play outside everyday. Young dogs and puppies may have extra energy, causing them to chew. Try not to leave them alone for long periods of time. Consider crate training to housebreak and curb bad habits. Consider hiring a dog trainer.  If you cannot find a trainer through friends, your Humane Society will probably recommend someone for you.

Your dog’s I.D. tag is one of the very best ways that your new pet can find their way home if they get lost. We strongly recommend these stay attached to a collar worn by your dog at all times.

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