Whether you are taking your pet on vacation or just letting them outside in the back yard, we want our pets to look their best and live happy lives. Here are some great accessories from the Smoky Mountain Doghouse that are wonderful additions regardless of whether you are traveling near or far:

All Terrain Stroller from Smoky Mountain Doghouse!1. Stroller – If your dog is under 30 lbs, a stroller will enable you to take your dog shopping with you in many pet-friendly towns like Gatlinburg.  We like the All Terrain Stroller (pictured right) because it is great for navigating local trails as well as roadsides that may not have sidewalks.

2. Collar, or necklace, depending on your point of view.  Your dog’s collar is one of the rare opportunities to let your dog’s personality be reflected in what they wear.  Whether you have a sporty dog or a diamond diva, a great collar can tell the whole story.

Sunglasses for your Pooch from Smoky Mountain Doghouse!3. Sunglasses – Protect your pooch’s eyes from the wind and dirt with a great pair of sunglasses.  We are partial to the 1980’s throwback in the form of mirrored aviator glasses…and yes, we can hear you humming the theme to Top Gun…we won’t tell.

4. Collapsible Water Bowl – They are great when going for a jog in the neighborhood or for a full day of shopping while on vacation.  Your dog will appreciate not drinking out of your chopped off to-go cup with left-over coffee residue…trust me.  I like to use the Quencher from RuffWear.com .  RuffWear.com also has smaller varieties as well.

Blue Snowflake Sweater from Smoky Mountain Doghouse!5. Dog Wear – I know that no everyone is a fan of dressing dogs in tutus; however, some dogs need at least a sweater during the winter.  If you come to Gatlinburg in the winter, you may want to consider both a sweater or coat AND a pair of shoes if your dog isn’t used to snow and ice.  I love this blue snowflake sweater from Smoky Mountain Doghouse, but if you need something a little sportier for your snow bounding wonder, check out the Climate Changer Fleece Jacket. RuffWear.com also has some great footwear meant for snow and ice as well.

Plaid Pet Carrier from Smoky Mountain Doghouse!6. Carrier – Chances are good that if I didn’t run you off at the suggestion that your pup needs a good winter sweater, then you probably won’t cringe at the idea of carrying your pet with you wherever you go.  This great Plaid Pet Carrier makes a fashionable statement for winter and will carry up to 15 pounds of furry family.

7. Chew Toy – I don’t know about your pooch, but mine gets car sick.  So, when we know we are traveling for more than 2 hours, my dog doesn’t get food on the day of travel.  I have found that bringing her favorite chew toy is a great distraction from the hunger pangs until we get to our destination.

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Click on the Coupon to check out all the Gatlinburg Cabin deals!