Dogs love carrots!I have a couple hundred pounds of dog at my house.  I have a 80 lb. female Shepherd mix that we rescued from the shelter and a 120 lb. male chow mix that we rescued from a bad situation.  Strangely enough, some of their favorite treats are raw vegetables

It seems very very odd to me, but my dogs swarm the kitchen like a pack of wolves if I am making vegetable soup.  I think Pepper (the Sheperd mix) would rather have a carrot than meat–no kidding.  Thanks to this article at, I now know my pups aren’t the only ones:

Do dogs really enjoy eating vegetables?

Many dogs turn up their noses at vegetables – especially if they’re raw. Carrots are one exception, so some dog owners use raw baby carrots as treats. Cooked vegetables are generally more appealing to dogs. Among the most well-liked and healthful are green beans, broccoli, cabbage, sweet potatoes, and chopped spinach.

No Garlic or Onions for your pooch!But be careful because some veggies are toxic! Four to avoid completely are onions, garlic, avocados, and mushrooms.

Remember to keep your dog away from vegetable plants, too, as the leaves, seeds, and flowers can be poisonous to pets.

If you decide to feed your dog vegetables, limit them to one-fourth of his total daily food intake, and be sure to include a high quality source of protein in your dog’s diet.

– Dr. Larry McDaniel, DVM for the “Purina® Animal Instincts” Podcast Series

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