Going for a RideMost dogs love to “go for a ride”!

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind next time you and your pup are traveling together.

1. Seatbelts

Have you ever considered having your dog wear a seatbelt in the car?  Some people laugh at the idea, but the safety it provides for both you and your pet can be life-saving.

 First, it protects your pet incase of an accident.  Remember the last time you had to slam on your brakes and your dog flew into the dashboard?  Wearing a seatbelt prevents this from happening.

seatbelt strap Personally, my number one reason to have my dog wear a seatbelt is to make him sit still!  It is difficult and dangerous to drive if you are wrestling with your dog.

 Coastal Pet Products makes a simple adapter that turns any harness into a seatbelt.

Canine Friendly vest harness If you don’t already have a harness for your dog, you may want to get one that can also be used as a seatbelt.  My dog has a Canine Friendly Vest Harness.  This 3-in-1harness is both a seatbelt, walking harness, and chest protector all in one.  You can shop for this product online at Gear4dogs.com.

 2. Heat

Please do not EVER leave your pet in the car on a hot summer day! waiting in a hot car According to the ASPCA, “It only takes ten minutes on an 85-degree day for the inside of your car to reach 102 degrees” even with the windows open!  In 30 minutes, it can reach 120 degrees!  Parking in the shade may help a little bit, but it is still extremely dangerous to leave your dog in the car in the summer.  Please do not do this to your best friend!

3. Water

Make sure you bring a bottle of water for your dog.handi-drink  Next time you stop to stretch your legs and grab something to drink, consider your furry friend:  he’s probably thirsty too! 

 Check out the Handi-drink.  This is a water bottle with a bowl attached.  I have one for my dogs and it is great for road trips!

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