Here are some tips to help make your next trip as enjoyable as possible for both you and your dog!Bring Your Pet to the Smokies!

Bring a crate – A crate is your dog’s home away from home.  If you use a crate regularly, the familiar smells and feel of it will help your dog relax during your exciting vacation!  In addition, this also ensures that both your dog and your cabin will be safe if you need to leave him unattended.

Health Documentation– It is always smart to bring a health certificate showing that your dog is up to date on all of his vaccinations when traveling.  Air and international travel actually require it!LuckyPet

Identification – Make sure you and your dog will be reunited if he should get lost!  You can have an ID tag made for your dog’s collar at most pet stores or at  Include your cell phone number so you can be reached while on vacation.  It is also a good idea to bring a recent photo of your dog, just in case!

Please Be Courteous!Great Smoky Mountain National Park Pet Policy

  • Clean-up after your dog during his potty walk.
  • Try to keep your dog as quiet as possible, especially if there are other guests staying nearby.
  • Keep your dog on a leash when outside.
  • Respect the Park Rules: Dogs are not allowed on most trails in the National Park.  Please respect this rule and take your dog on the Gatlinburg Trail or to the National Forest instead. 

And Most Importantly….Have Fun!!!

Read more about safe and responsible pet travel at the American Kennel Club.

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