Sturdy Alternatives for your Rough-and-Tough Playing Dog!

My dogs like to play hard!  Wesley, my Australian Shepherd, especially loves to destroy all his toys!  He eats the stuffing from plush toys, shreds ropes, rips out squeakers, and eats plastic!  This is both expensive and potentially dangerous!!!  If this sounds familiar, you may want to read on about our favorite “dog-proof” toys.


JawzWe started out playing with .99 cent or free frisbees, but before long they were destroyed and eaten!  A good puncture proof frisbee is essential.

Hyperflite makes a great indestructible frisbee.  The Jawz disc is the toughest and best-flying puncture-resistant disc ever made!  My dog has had his for years and it still has no holes.  Just keep in mind, this disc doesn’t float! (We learned this the hard way…)

Squeaky Toys

DogToys.comWe love squeaky toys, but I hate to see them destroyed instantly!  Our solution: Ruffians, by JW Pet.  These sturdy dog toys are made of durable, natural rubber and are great for dogs who are hard on their toys.  This is the only squeaky toy that has lasted in more than 1 day in our house; in fact it’s lasted for months so far!

Chew ToysDogs Love Kongs!

The Kong has got to be the best dog toy ever!  Kongs come in all different sizes and textures for dogs of all sizes and ages.  Not only is the Kong impossible for (most) dogs to destroy, but when you stuff it with peanut butter, treats, or Kong Stuff’N Treats, your dog will be occupied for hours!  Your dog will love you for it!


If your dog has ever eaten a tennis ball, check this out!Chuck-it Remmy Ball  Maybe you are already familiar with the Chuckit Ball Launchers, but now instead of tennis balls, they are making all sorts of tough, durable specialty rubber balls.  Both the Remmy and the Rebounce are made of recycled rubber.

Plush Toys

Are you was tired of buying expensive stuffed toys, only to find them ripped up days later?  Here’s one way to save money:  Stop paying for new toys at the pet store.  Instead, head to a local thrift shop and get some inexpensive used stuffed toys.  I’ve found perfect dog toys for 25-50 cents each!  Of course if your dog is going to rip the nose off and eat the stuffing right away, then this too, is a waste of time and money!Hard Boiled Softies

Here’s one toy we haven’t tried yet, but sounds like it might be a perfect solution for rough dogs that love plush pals!  Kyjen Hard Boiled Softies look soft, but under their plush exteriors is a hard rubber shell.  These egg-shaped animals even have a “yolk” squeaker inside and stand up to the toughest chewers!

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