Find the Pet That's Right For You!It is interesting to me that with so many amazing creatures in the world, people limit themselves to dogs and cats! I would like to present some more unque pet choices for your consideration! This article will focus on the hedgehog!

Your New Friend!Hedgehogs are native to Europe, Asia, Africa, and New Zealand, but interestingly enough, not to North America! They are, however, gaining popularity as pets! They can range anywhere from 4 to 9 inches in length, and have spiky quills all over their backs and sides. They do have soft fur on their faces and bellies. When they are presented with an enemy, they can roll up into a little ball with only their spikes showing and make themselves almost impervious to injury!

Stay with ERA in the Smokies when you bring your pet on vacation!These are not really the pets to curl up on your couch with, due to their prickly nature, but they are extremely cute, and make a good companion for those of you who are nocturnal!

Usually they are kept in the same sort of cage that you might keep a hamster or guinea pig in. Similarly, they usually do not put up a stink as long as the cage is cleaned out regularly! Some hedgehogs have even managed to be trained to use a litter box!

For extensive dicussion on very aspect of getting and owning a pet hedgehog, visit the Hedgehog FAQ!