Find more information about owning a pet wallaby!It’s time for unique pet number 2! Did you ever want a pet kangaroo when you were young? Well maybe that is a bit out of reach, but a wallaby is definitely within the realm of possibility. The bigger ones reach about 6 feet in length, but keep in mind that half of that length is tail!

1. How to Get Your Wallaby
This is probably the only real downside about a pet wallaby. You may have to travel a little way to get it, and they are a bit pricey! The best way to go about it is to first find a vet in your area that works with exotic pets (you will need to be friends with them anyway!) and ask them for a reference to the nearest dependable breeder. You will then have to contact them and travelA Wallaby Breeder to the breeder to pick up your new cuddly friend! Prices vary, but $1,000 seems about average to get a baby wallaby and a starter set of items you will need to care for it!

2. What to feed your Wallaby
One of the great things about wallabies is that since they enjoy eating grass and leaves, you may never need to mow your lawn again! However, you will need to supplement their diet with Kangaroo and Wallaby food, which you can order in, or a mix of horse and rabbit feed, which you can pick up at the local Co-op!

Get a Pouch for your Wallaby!3. Potty Train Your Wallaby
This seems to be somewhat like house training your dog! Most wallabies can be house trained (or at least trained to do their business on a newspaper or designated pad of some sort) if you start teaching them when they are babies. And of course, you do get those animals every once in a while that refuse to be house trained!

4. Sleeping Arrangements
This is one of the most fun parts (in my mind)!  Your wallaby will sleep in a pouch! You can make one, or if you are less crafty, you can buy one or get a crafty friend to make you one. It will need to be made of thick fleece, and hung securely on the wall. You just train it to sleep in there when it’s younger, and as it gets older it will just jump right in when it’s time to go to bed!

How to Care for a Pet Wallaby5. Is it legal to own a pet wallaby?
Most state level governments could care less, but you should check your city’s laws on the subject as it varies from place to place!

6. What makes this a good pet?
Besides being innately cool, wallabies just have a great pet personality! They cuddle, lick, and play just like dogs! If you are considering getting a dog for any of these reasons, why not get a wallaby instead!?

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