Sugar Gliders are so Cute!Sugar Gliders are gaining popularity as exotic pets! One of my friends growing up desperately wanted one! They are extremely social and can be a lifelong friend if properly bonded and cared for!

Sugar Gliders are native to the forestsĀ of Australia, Indonesia, and New Guinea. Part of their natural diet does include nectar and the sap of eucalyptus plants, thus the “sugar” part of their name. And they have the ability to glide between trees due to the flap of skin they have between their Make sure your sugar glider has a spacious cage with proper bedding and a few toys!wrists and ankles, thus the “glider” part of their name. Like humans, they are omnivorous, meaning they eat plant foods as well as insects, and occasionally small birds and rodents. In the wild they live in colonies, and are very social animals naturally. This is one of the things that makes them such a great pet. Do be aware, however, that if they do not receive enough attention, they can succumb to severe depression, and even self-mutilation.

Before you purchase a sugar glider, make sure this is really the pet for you, and that you are prepared to give it the care it needs. They have unique diet requirements. You will not be able to just run out and grab a bag of sugar glider food at the They can fly! Ok... they glide! But how cool is that!pet store and dump it in their bowl every night. It will require some preparation of real foods. Parts of their diets can be prepared ahead of time and frozen in portion sizes to make it easier. Check out some diet options and make sure you are up to the task!

Sugar gliders are nocturnal animals, but very social! If you are accustomed to getting up fairly early every morning and going to bed relatively early in the evening, a sugar glider is perhaps not for you! Two things will happen- first, if you keep your sugar glider’s cage in the same room with you or very close to your bedroom, you may hear it Make sure to give your sugar glider all the care and attention it needs!playing, moving about, and even barking all night, making it difficult for you to sleep. Secondly, you will not be awake when your pet is awake and alert enough to give it the attention it needs. It may become depressed and develop health problems. If you like to sleep in late and stay up late, this may be the perfect pet for you!

Since sugar gliders are such social animals, it is usually a good idea to have two of them! In fact, most responsible breeders will avoid selling a sugar glider to someone if they know the potential owner is planning never to have more than one. Sometimes a new owner will get one sugar glider, take time to bond with it and adjust to taking care of it, and then add another one a little later. This is ok, but as a rule you should never have just one sugar glider.

They are so cute and cuddly!The bonding process is very critical for you and your sugar glider! It is usually a good idea to make trips to visit your new pet as a baby before you actually bring it home, to begin the bonding process while it is still in a familiar environment. Then, once you get it home, the bonding process will continue. Visit for tips on bonding with your sugar glider.

Make sure to choose a reputable breeder. Occasionally you will see people at flea markets selling sugar gliders, and %99.99 of the time, they will sound knowledgeable and charismatic, but really the sugar gliders have not been well taken care of, have been treated very inhumanely, and not only could you end up with an unhealthy or incurably grumpy animal, you will be supporting and encouraging the sellers business. A sugar glider from a pet store may be just slightly better off. But still the animals have usually been kept in a cage far too small, with far too many of the animals in the cage together. And the atmosphere of movement and activity and bright lights all day while the animals are trying to sleep, and being left lonely and ignored when they are awake is not good for them. Again, don’t attempt to “rescue” a glider from this environment. It is better to avoid supporting the store’s sugar-glider business, and simply buy from a reputable breeder. Another plus to buying from a local, reputable breeder is that they will be much more likely to provide support and advice once you get home with your new pet and have other questions down the road!

Before you take your amazing new pet home, make sure you are prepared with all the supplies you need, and that you have done your research and are ready to welcome the new addition to your family!

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