Visit the Barker Lounge!The beautiful entryway at the Barker Lounge!We are excited to have this chance to feature a local doggy daycare, boarding, grooming and dog training facility! Whether you have reserved a pet-friendly cabin here in town and want for your pet a few hours of play time on the equivalent of a puppy playground, or you are desperate to bring your pet but are having trouble finding availability for a pet friendly cabin, this is the place for you! Or maybe you are looking for a chance for your pet to get a little pampering as well as you, while you are here on vacation! These folks love your pets just about as much as you do!

Hey! I'd have fun on that!Here’s what they have to say about themselves! “Most Importantly, we’re not your standard kennel. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure it! Our daycare and boarding programs have been designed not to simply “occupy” our four-legged guests, but rather to enrich their lives mentally, physically and socially! All of our OVERNIGHT BOARDING guests participate in ALL-DAY-DAYCARE every day while The staff there will enjoy playing with your pet!they’re with us! The only time they are ever alone is to eat and sleep … that’s it! All day long, they’ll be both inside and OUTSIDE in our 8,000+ sf of indoor play area…and our 8,000+ sf park like outdoor area…wrestling, playing on our jungle gyms, swimming, playing ball, chasing bubbles and meeting new friends!”

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