Today it seems like there are more and more places where you can bring your pet with you on vacation!  I love it, and I hope to see more and more pet-friendly places in the future!

In order to encourage more companies to become pet friendly and to keep those that are,  it is important for pet owners to be responsible and courteous when traveling.  Here are some things to keep in mind while you are renting a pet-friendly cabin with your dog!

Leaving your dog alone

If you will be leaving your dog unattended at all, it is a good idea to leave him in a crate or kennel.  A crate is your dog’s home away from home and the familiar smells and feel of it will help him relax during your exciting My home away from homevacation.  It also ensures that both your pet and your cabin will be safe while you are gone.  Keep in mind that a dog who is normally well-behaved will often become uneasy when left alone in unfamiliar surroundings and may cause damage to the vacation rental or your belongings.

Another important reason to keep your dog in his crate is in case someone else needs to come to your cabin.  At our cabins we sometimes need to send staff to respond to fix things (DVD players, hot tubs, etc – you never know!) while you are out and about.  When your dog is crated, it is easier for us and less stressful for your dog.

Barks and RecreationIf you can, it is best (for your furry friend especially) if you don’t leave your dog alone at all.  Check out Barks and Recreation, a local doggie-daycare and boarding service.  Unlike most kennels where dogs spend the day in a crate, at Barks and Recreation, your dog can relax in an open home-like environment with indoor and outdoor play areas!  Leaving your dog here, you can expect him to have a full day of play, exercise, and attention from their team of friendly staff!

Cleaning Up

At home, your dog may have a huge yard full of great “potty spots”, but on vacation, chances are the only place to use the bathroom is the front yard of your rental cabin.  Please think of future guests and the owners of the home that were kind enough to allow your pet to stay there and clean up after your pet.  Plastic grocery bags work great!


Keep me on a Leash!Please keep your dog on a leash.  Most, if not all, US cities have a leash law.  Gatlinburg certainly does.  Unless visiting a specifically designated “Off Leash” Dog Park, please keep your dog on a leash when outside of your cabin!  Many people are afraid of dogs or just don’t like dogs (I know it’s hard to believe, but sadly it’s true).  Please respect everyone’s wishes and keep your buddy by your side and not wandering through your neighbor’s yard.


If your dog is prone to barking and there are other cabins nearby, it may be a good idea to bring your dog to a doggie daycare, like Barks and Recreation, while you are out.  While you are home, please show respect for your neighbors and keep your dog as quiet as possible.

A few more tips!

  • Do not allow your pet onto furniture; If you must, then cover it first.
  • A tired dog is a well-behaved dog!Promptly clean up all accidents and messes.
  • Feed and water your dog in the kitchen, bathroom or other tiled or hard surface…especially if you have a messy eater!
  • Don’t leave dog food out.  You may attract wildlife (insects inside and  bears outside!).
  • Provide your dog with plenty of exercise: a tired dog is a well-behaved dog!

Here are some more great pet travel tips from

Thank you for being a responsible and courteous dog-owner/guest!  Hopefully we can all show business owners that Pet-Friendly is a good thing!  Then over time we will all have more and more options for pet-friendly vacations!

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