Meet one of the newest additions to Gatlinburg’s Dog-Friendly Barks and RecreationCommunity!  New to our area in 2010, Barks and Recreation is a doggie-daycare and boarding (“sleep-over”) facility in Gatlinburg.  Unlike most kennels where dogs spend the majority of their day alone in a crate, Barks and Recreation offers an open, home-like environment, with indoor and outdoor play areas.  You can expect that your dog will enjoy a full day of play, exercise, and attention from dog-loving and experienced staff members.

Day Care

Bring your dog to play for the day!  At Barks and Recreation dogs enjoy supervised play and socialization indoors and out!  Two play rooms are available with dog-friendly “people” furniture.  There is a fenced-in outdoor play area too!

  • $18 for a full day
  • $10 for a half. 

 Cabin Not Pet-friendly?Sleep Over!

If the cabin you are staying at is not pet-friendly, you can still bring your dog on vacation!  During the day, take your dog on fun outings in and around Gatlinburg!  At night your dog can sleep over at Barks and Recreation.  You can rest easy knowing that your furry friend is comfortable and safe!

  • $30 for 1 night 
  • $25 – multiple dogs, or multiple nights

Even if you are staying in one of our pet-friendly cabins, your dog will likely have a better time spending the day playing at Barks and Recreation that sitting in a crate at your cabin while you go to Dollywood!


I met Tammara, the owner of Barks and Recreation, last October at the Gatlinburg Farmer’s Market when we had a “Doggie Costume Contest!”  She came with her cute little dog and another dog that was visiting.  Both Tammara and her dog were wearing matching bumble bee costumes!  She was so friendly!  I would definitely feel comfortable leaving my dogs for playtime with her!

Visit Barks and Recreation

Barks and Recreation is located at 1420 East Parkway in Gatlinburg.  In other words, route 321, right past the intersection with Glades Rd, on the right-side of the road.  Hours of operation are 8 am – 9 pm, Monday – Saturday.Barks and Recreation

Before you visit, please visit Barks and Recreation’s website and read their rules.

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