cleaning suppliesI can’t imagine life with out my dogs! They are such an important part of my everyday life!  Having dogs in my home has definitely made cleaning more of a challenge, but a house without dogs is just not an option for me!

Here are some tips, strategies, and products I have found to help keep your pet-friendly home clean!


In my experience, shedding fur has been the number one challenge in trying to maintain a clean home with dogs.  Long-haired dogs especially have a lot of excess fur!  Here are some ways to “de-fur” your home:

Fur Fighter

  • Frequent Bathing – give your dog a bath once a month.  This will get rid of some of the excess hair.
  • Frequent Brushing – I try to brush my dogs at least once a week, although more often would be best!
  • Vacuum – I wish there was a way around this, but the more you vacuum, the cleaner your house will be. suggests a good rule of thumb for vacuuming:  Vacuum once per week per person and dog.  So at my house, with two dogs and two humans, I should vacuum 4 times per week.
  • Furniture – A nother good tip from is to use a squeegee to remove fur from furniture!  I will have to try this!  I have found that the Scotch Fur Fighter works pretty well on furniture and car upholstery, – much better than lint rollers!


My name is MUD!A dirty dog, means a dirty house!

  • Frequent Bathing – As I mentioned above, bathe your dog monthly and you will have a nice clean, cuddly pup to snuggle with!  Less dirt on your dog, means less dirt in your house!
  • Do the Laundry – If you dog has a favorite seat on the couch or likes to sleep on your bed, you might cover these spots with a towel,sheet or something that can be easily washed.   (This helps prevent furry furniture too!) also recommends keeping an old towel by the door to wipe off muddy paws before they enter the house!  It is also a good idea to wash your dog’s bed a couple of times each month.  It is best if you have a dog bed with an outer cover than can be removed and thrown into the laundry.


Is your dog confused as to where the appropriate “potty-spot” is located?  Under the dining room table?  Behind the couch?  The two most important things you can do to prevent accidents are potty training and cleaning up.

a designated "potty spot"

  • Potty Training – the more effort you put into potty training, the fewer accidents you will have.  When you start potty training, take your puppy out to the “potty spot” constantly!  First thing in the morning, after every meal, every time you think he might need to go.  Be patient and stay outside until he goes.  When he finally goes potty in the correct place, get excited and praise him!

Use a Crate – If you need to leave your puppy alone, leave him in a crate.  Dogs are unlikely to “go” in their bed – unless they aren’t feeling well.  When I first got my dog, I put his crate on our back porch and slept on the couch next to him.  This way we were close to the door so I could let him out first thing in the morning.  It was also helpful being on a hard surface that was easy to clean if needed.

  • Cleaning-Up It is important to completely clean up after your dog if he has an accident.  If you don’t completely remove the smell, your dog will understand that “this is the potty spot” and will continue to go in this area.  So take the time to be thorough and you will have fewer accidents to clean up in the future!

Hope these ideas and tips help you keep your home clean for both you and your dog!  Let us know if you have any other pet-friendly cleaning tips.  We would love to hear them!

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