The Chinese Crested is a very distinctive breed. They are friendly, companionable dogs with many interesting traits. Although no dog breed can be considered truly hypo-allergenic, this breed is on the list of dogs recommended for those with allergies.

The American Kennel ClubHistory & Origin
Although you might think the Chinese Crested originates from China, this is actually not very likely. Most believe it originated either from Africa or Mexico, where similar breeds of hairless dogs are known to have originated. The “Chinese” in their name most likely comes from the belief that they were often kept aboard Chinese ships during the plagues of the 1300’s to help get rid of rats. Pretty much every true Chinese Crested alive today comes from one of two original lines that were incorporated together. A woman named Deborah Wood began to purposefully breed Chinese Cresteds and record their lineage in the 1950’s at the “Crest Haven” kennel that she established. Gypsy Rose Lee also bred the dogs, and upon her death, her dogs were incorporated at Crest Haven.

Article from DogspediaPhysical Traits
The Chinese Crested is a small dog, fitting into the “toy” category. It’s ideal height is 11″-13″. There are two distinct varieties within the same breed: hairless and powderpuff. The hairless variety has hair on its head, tail, and feet. The rest of its body is exposed skin very much like human skin. The powderpuff is entirely covered with a straight double soft coat. Both varieties can come with dark, light, or spotted coats and/or skin, and rarely shed. The two varieties are the Dog Breed Inforesult of certain combinations of a recessive gene for the powderpuff trait and a dominant gene for the hairless trait. Any zygotes that receive a combination of both dominant genes never develop into puppies. Those that receive one of each gene are hairless, and those that receive both recessive genes are powderpuff. For this reason, when two powderpuff dogs are bred together, only powderpuff puppies result, but when two hairless dogs or one hairless dog and one powderpuff dog are bred, a mix of both varieties will occur, since every dog contains at least one powderpuff gene. In another interesting twist, the condition of the dogs teeth are closely related to the hair trait. Thus, the hairless dogs’ teeth are often in poor condition while the powederpuff variety usually have very strong, healthy teeth.

Krull The Warrior KingChinese Crested Celebrities
This list of famous Chinese Crested Dogs is taken from Wikipedia.

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