Don't forget your pets!

  1. Using a carrier? Leave it out and open for a week before you depart
  2. Calm light car sickness with toys, treats and fresh air
  3. Use a car hammock to protect your car on long road trips
  4. Secure small pets in a travel booster seat to keep them safe
  5. Pack pet snacks for linger trips
  6. Going near water? Outfit your dog with a life jacket
  7. Don’t forget bowls for food and water for Fido’s out of town meals
  8. Clearly ID your most precious cargo- your pet’s crate-for air travel
  9. Stow away essentials like a leash and waste bags
  10. Treat your pet to a few adorable accessories before the trip

Packing List for a Road Trip with your dog buddy:

Don’t know what to bring for your pet while on vacation? No worries, we’ve got you covered!

  1. Portable water dispenser
  2. Vaccination papers
  3. TowelsBring your whole family on vacation to Gatlinburg!
  4. Waste bags
  5. Crate
  6. Crate bowl
  7. Crate bed
  8. Treat bag with dry treats
  9. One versatile toy (quiet, fetch able)
  10. Kibble in travel bag
  11. Dehydrated or canned pumpkin (for digestion)
  12. Portable food and water bowl station
  13. Travel containers of dog shampoo and accident cleaner
  14. Dog medical kit (see below)

Include in Dog Medical Kit:

  1. Saline solution, for flushing debris from eyes
  2. Antibiotic ointment such as Polysporin or Neosporin, to apply to healing wounds
  3. Iodine such as Betadine solution, for applying to and washing fresh cuts and wounds
  4. Sterile gloves
  5. Digital thermometer and lubricant
  6. Flat slanting tweezers, magnifying glass
  7. Q-tips
  8. Clotting agent or styptic gel or powder ti induce clotting
  9. Benadryl, for allergic reactions, dosage is usually around 1 mg per pound
  10. Tick remover
  11. Antiseptic wash, to keep abrasions and other minor surface wounds clean as they heal
  12. Alcohol wipes, to take on-the-go in case of scratches and scrapes
  13. Sterile gauze rolls in case of emergency and always to to wrap loosely
  14. Medical scissors, for cutting bandages
  15. Sterile gauze pads
  16. Cotton balls
  17. Hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting, dosage is usually 1 teaspoon per ten pounds of dog
  18. Foldable comfortable recovery collar to prevent dog from scratching and chewing wounds and irritations
  19. A soft muzzle in case of emergencies and to prevent from bitting people
  20. Instant cold pack