During the winter season canine attire can help to keep your furry loved ones cozy. Keeping our loyal friends warm is very important especially for smaller breed dogs, dogs with little fur, and older dogs. Just like humans, dogs will shiver when they’re cold. Newer to the market are all kinds of convenient apparel options like snuggies, booties and doggie jackets/ sweaters. Booties will protect your doggy’s paws from injury when walking in snow or salt which can prevents salt irritation. Winter attire is a great thing to use from when they’re puppies throughout there lives. Starting them out as puppies will help them get use to the feel of having those extra layers which will make your job a lot easier in their adult years. In the Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge area’s there are several places to purchase in style puppy threads. Below we will attach some links for you.

* Bonediggity Bakery and Gifts*
      * Smokey Mountain Cat House*
* Just Fur Pets *