Puppy Aerobic BlogWinter is often the season we all prefer to stay indoors to keep warm, including keeping our pets indoors. As a result we have to find other alternatives to keep our pet’s mind and body active. This can be a little difficult and it will take a little adjusting but it is not impossible. Below are some fun ways to keep active with your furry friend indoors!

1. LASER POINTER: Many believe that these little gadgets are only for cats. We’ve proven that dogs can in fact go just as crazy for them! You can actually just sit and relax while moving this light around to random places and watch your pet chase it wildly.

2. FINDERS KEEPERS: This game is similar to hide and seek and the search can definitely jump start your pet’s thinking skills. You simply choose a toy or yummy treat to hide around the house and then instruct your dog to find them. Sit back and watch as your dog uses their senses to search and then ENJOY!

3. POP: Bubbles aren’t just for children. They can be highly entertaining for your pets as well considering that most pets enjoy the chase! Pick up some pet friendly bubbles at your local pet store and set up at home for some bubble chasing fun. Not only will this be fun for your dog but it can be rather amusing for you also. Setting up a fan in your play area will spread the bubbles even more and your pet will get tons of exercise chasing them for hours!

4. FETCH: Often fetch is a game that most pet owners limit to outdoors only but if you clear all breakables from one space you can enjoy this inside as well! Get their legs moving!

It’s a lot of fun to entertain our pet’s but remember it is a necessity for them! Also remember that our indoor exercise tips does not replace your pet’s daily walk outside. Bundle them up to keep them warm and still take them out for a little socialization! For tips on keeping your pet warm please see our previous post ” They keep us company, we keep them warm ”

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